GARY HOBBS: From Kenton to Goats
by Nancy Barker

Gary Hobbs became a legend in his own time as the drummer who joined the Stan Kenton Orchestra right out of college, following such class acts as Gene Krupa and Shelley Manne.

At 59, with 38 years of gigging behind him, he is still the guy who drives big bands, undaunted by tempo changes or polyrhythms. But with smaller groups, Hobbs is also the guy on the cajon set, who coaxes organic Latin rhythms from wooden boxes and goat hooves.

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Welcome to my website. We just started spring term at the University Of Oregon. The Jazz Major program at the University is full of fine young musicians and a wonderful group of educators. We are looking forward to playing and teaching this great form of music.

I have become a Crescent Cymbals artist and love these beautiful instruments. They sound and feel incredible and it's a pleasure working with all of the people from Crescent Cymbals.

Look for a new release in June by trombonist Doug Scarborough titled Bridges. It was great fun playing on this project along with Damian Erskine, Jeremy Siskind, just to name a couple of the fine players on the album.

Marc Seales, Dave Captein, Jeff Johnson, Fred Hamilton and I recorded some very cool tunes in Seattle. The series of recordings are called Marc Seales American Songs Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. You can get these great recordings at CD Baby and on iTunes

Clay Jenkins, Reggie Thomas, Rick Haydon and I are excited about our new band "4". It was 4 years in the making but wait until you hear this original music. Hammond B3, guitar, trumpet and drums playing slammin' grooves and fresh, modern compositions. The CD is titled, "4" and is on the Jazz Compass label. You can get this CD at CD Baby and iTunes.

Keep checking in and find out what's going on with my bands and find out where I have been playing and where I will be playing in the future. More to come soon.


Hades Ladies, from Gary Hobbs' "Of My Times" is one of the featured tracks for Origin Records "The Music You Need" televison commercial campaign. The 5 commercials are currently in rotation on MSNBC, CNN, BET, Comedy Central and other channels on Comcast Cable in Seattle and soon expanding to other markets.

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DOWNLOAD 'HOLY WAR' -- available only online
Gary Hobbs' new tune, Holy War, is available to download free-of-charge from garyhobbs.net. If you like the tune, feel free to make a contribution of $1 to the artist.

Holy War (mp3 format)


For your pleasure ... click here to download a high-rez headshot of Gary Hobbs.

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